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Calle Narciso, 4, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, Espanja
Myytävät - Talo

A beautiful private villa in Sierrezuela, one of the best urbanisations in Costa del Sol. You will not believe the views from here until you see it yourself. The villa consists of three bedrooms (one of them a huge one and easy to devide into two), three bathrooms, few nice and tranquil corners for a home office, spacious living / dining area and kitchen. Outside you find lovely patios and terraces and of course a private heated (with solar panels) swimming pool with cover. This house has been designed for enjoying the life to the fullest. For example a jacuzzi outside and another one inside guarantee you can relax here no matter what time of the year it is. This house has also solar panels, fireplace and garage so it does not actually miss anything.

The house has been mostly renovated 10 years ago and is not in need of any big renovations in the near future. The location is great, only 1 km from the closest amenities (restaurants, supermarket, bakery, bus stop, etc.), 3,5 km from the center of Fuengirola (Plaza de la Constitución) and 3,7 km from the beach.

Price 790.000 € (taxes and costs not included, these are all together around 10 % on top of the sale price). More information and viewings: Hanna Lehto, hanna@asuntodelsol.fi, +34 611201408 (also whatsapp), +358 440801122


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